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Trash the dress – a winery wedding photo shoot

Spilling the wine on the dressI was looking for some photographs of weddings at Vermont wineries and happened across a site called Fabulously Wed. They had a series of photos from Jacklyn Greenberg of JAGstudios that included these. At first I did a double take and thought “he just spilled wine all over her dress!” But then I realized that was the point!

As it turns out, the couple had been married at Honora Winery in August of 2009 and returned there this year to do this “Trash The Dress” photo shoot. I was very glad to see this photo series for a couple of reasons. The first is that it was shot in Vermont. The second is the pure fun – expertly captured by Jacklyn. Wine snobbishness aside, and the thought of ruining an expensive dress, the couple are simply having some fun while enjoying their return visit to Vermont.

Wine on the dressThe photos also reminded me of something I often take for granted – how special Vermont really is and why it is a destination for weddings. Vermont is a mixture of working farmland, large wooded areas, and small towns stretched across rolling hills and tucked away in the pockets of valleys. Vermont is home to some of the best foods, art, music, and recreation anywhere. Vermonters are a hearty, genuine, and generous people ready to lend a smile and a hand. A wedding in Vermont is a special affair and a wedding at one of our wineries raises the “special” factor. If you have a wedding in Vermont, you will be well served and take home memories steeped in the Green Mountain lifestyle.

Both covered in wine

Learn more about the photographer here: JAGstudios. You can see the full series here.

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